Learning Shapes with a Ball for Toddlers

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This is a fun shape learning activity for toddlers, that George kept asking to come back to and play all day.

I taped a bunch of shapes onto the floor in an area. I didn’t really pay attention to where I put them, or in any certain order (mostly because I didn’t have a plan for this activity as I was setting it up. George just asked for an activity and he picked shapes!)

We played this ‘game’ several different ways.

Learning shapes by rolling a ball

With a couple balls, George and I sat across from each other and rolled the ball back and forth.

Find other fun ways to use tape in activities! Make a shape to fill in with blocks or set up a road to drive through!

I was planning on calling out the shape that it landed on, but most of the time it just went all the way past all the shapes to each other. So we started calling out what the ball did.

It rolled over the circle, triangle and square!

And sometimes it just barely went across any or just came close.

So, we described it (mostly me, but George helped my name the shape when he could).

Wow! That one just missed the oval shape!

Toddler Moving & Learning Shapes with a Ball

We tried it bean bag like as well and calling out the name of the shape that it landed on. George threw his frog (his beloved stuffed animal) as his bean bag.

We even tried rolling trucks back and forth. I thought maybe it would have more control in the direction and stopping on a shape.

Toddler Moving & Learning Shapes Game

But, George loved rolling the balls back and forth the best.

I want to try blowing pom poms, or cotton balls, with a straw down the row of shapes, like we did with the lines of tape. And where it lands we’ll have to call out what shape it landed on.

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