Make A Towel Fort!

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Welcome back to Carolyn of The Pleasantest Thing! Carolyn recently guest posted an awesome Alphabet Ball Learning Activity. Today she’s sharing a fun fort activity to have the kids make!

After cooling off at my mom’s pool one day, we wrapped up in towels and sat in the sun to dry off. Seeing the kids’ towels draped on the patio chairs made me think: fort!

I asked my 4 year old if he wanted to make a fort using towels and patio chairs. He jumped up and immediately went to work, pushing over chairs, draping towels, and excitedly describing all the purposes of his fort.

Make a towel fort

The great thing about making forts like this is that the combinations are endless. We created several different designs. It was fun seeing his imagination at work as he draped the towels and moved the chairs and the cushions.A kids fort made with towels and chairs!

My son had as much fun building the fort as he did playing in it. He used the fort as his “base” and created missions around the yard that need his attention. He would dart out of the fort, run to his destination, and then run back.

After the fort play was done, my baby brought over a couple of books and used the fort as his own book nook. Sometimes kids come up with the best ideas all on their own.

Make a towel fort

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