‘Make A Rainbow’ Hunt! with BabbaBox Giveaway!

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We got a BabbaBox! (And you can get one too! Check out the giveaway for a 3 month membership below!)

I just want to quickly tell you what BabbaCo is all about. They send you some awesome crafty/activity ideas with all the stuff right in a box, right to your front door. Can’t get much easier than that. No thinking. No shopping. No leftovers. Just easy. This is their BabbaBox! You can subscribe to it monthly, quarterly or annually.

In our BabbaBox that we got this month is a month of rainbow fun! Plenty of rainbow activities to do!

  • A big bubble wand as well as pipe cleaners to make your own bubble wands!
  • Rainbow sunhat craft kit!
  • A Prism (affiliate link) to explore rainbows!
  • A Rainbow of My Own‘ (affiliate link) book to tie into your activities!
  • And with a rainbow, you need an umbrella! And that’s in there too!

We love rainbows and they hold a very special place in our heart in this house.

I grabbed the prism out of the box and gave it to Henry and asked him if he knew how or when a rainbow is formed.

He didn’t know.

I gave him a quick, informative blurb about rainbows. Mainly telling him that when it rains (and if you’re lucky that the sun comes out), when the sun shines through the rain, a rainbow is formed. (Luckily, these super activities also come with explanations to them right in the BabbaBox!)

I explained that the prism is like a raindrop.

When the sun, or light, shines through it, just the right way, a rainbow will be formed.

That’s all it took. And Henry was on a quest to make and find a rainbow!

'Make a Rainbow' Hunt

We were headed out on our morning walk to the bakery and Henry took the prism with him. Before we got going, I showed him how to hold it and how to find the rainbow. It took a little bit for him to understand it, but then he was off.

He was on a mission to see what he could make a rainbow on and where it would show up.

Make a Rainbow with a Prism

Not only that, but when we got home from our walk, we decided to make rainbows yet another way!

Make a Rainbow with the Water Hose

It was hot and humid, and very sunny, so we broke out the water hose and sprayed it in the air to see if we could make rainbows. Once again, I did it at first, showing him where the rainbow would be. Then he took over and made rainbows and looked for them like crazy.

Boys making a rainbow with the water hose

Plus it was such a great time to include George in the activity! He loves water and Henry loved spraying him with it. I loved hearing those giggles!

Now we’ll be off to see what other rainbows we can make! Can’t wait!

In every BabbaBox you get:

What's in a BabbaBox?

And you can too! BabbaCo is going to give away a 3 month membership to one of the hands on : as we grow readers! I’m so excited for you, I can hardly stand it!

There’s a few ways you can win this membership, just use the Rafflecopter gadget below. Good luck! The giveaway will end on July 5th. So don’t forget about it over the holiday!

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  1. Chrissy Malave says

    I’m trying to win a BabbaBox for my two kids 7 year old and a 5 year old! I am always looking for new things to do with them to keep them entertained and busy so they are not plastered in front of the tv this would be perfect!

  2. Anne Lehnick says

    I would get this for both of my kids. My 5 year old would get the most benefit out of it, but there would also be a few activities my 18 month old could assist with.

  3. Sheila Foley says

    I’m used to the subscription boxes for women (cosmetics etc), but this is a new product to me–love it. Think my son and also my 2 (5 & 7) nieces will enjoy them. What a great Christmas Present this would be for a child (or for a Parent). I bet that the excitement of receiving and opening a box is half the fun.


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