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Match up Scrabble letter tiles to candy hearts for a letter learning activity that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!

The boys have been begging for a water activity lately. And seriously, I am just blank lately!

This is what I came up with… though I recommend doing this activity in something other than water because I now have some blank letter tiles!

Valentine Letter Matching Activity

I got a tub of water (again, use maybe shredded paper instead… or just anything but water!) and added some food coloring to it just to make it a festive Valentine activity.

I went through a bag of candy hearts and picked out Scrabble letters to spell out all the candy heart words. I dropped those in the tub of water (again… please don’t use water!). A tub of shredded paper, or dry rice would work great for this instead.

How to Make this a Letter Learning Activity:

I set Henry up with a clothespin to pick out the letters to spell the words on the candy hearts. Once he spelled the word on the candy heart, he could eat it!

If you didn’t want to use candy in this activity, you could simply right out the words on a piece of paper like we did to spell Valentine words on a bracelet.

Valentine Letter Learning & Matching Activity

I set George up doing a similar activity with colors of blocks (Bristle blocks (affiliate link)), instead of letters, since he’s just starting to figure out his colors.

He used a kitchen tongs to grab the right color block to match the color of candy heart. He ended up doing this really fast and was eating a lot of candy hearts. So I made him then sort all the blocks to each color candy heart to make it take a little longer.

Valentine Color Matching for Toddlers

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I will post the video here as well for you to watch LIVE as well as after the fact. So come back later for some fun!

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