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George has been learning to spell his name. And he’s getting so much better at it!

This is an activity that was fun to make a rainbow in the process, but also a great way to learn to spell your name!

Learn to spell your name and make a rainbow!

To start I made 7 strips of paper in the colors of the rainbow and cut them at various lengths getting longer and longer.

Set up to make a rainbow and learn to spell your name

I then wrote the letter of his name on each one, building on the previous one.

So the smallest paper had just a G on it, the next one had GE and so on up to GEORGE.

George only has 6 letters in his name, instead of 7, which I’m assuming is the case for most of your kids, they don’t have 7 letters in their name either.

For George, I just added the 7th paper with his name spelled out and then a heart to be fun and cute.

If you have a kid with a longer name, you could add more than one letter per paper. And if you have a kid with less than 7 letters you can add cute graphics like we did.

Or you could just have more or less colors or pieces of paper if you’d like too. It doesn’t have to be a perfect rainbow!

Preschoolers love everything about their name! They get excited learning it! Take advantage of that excitement with these 35 name activities for preschoolers!

I started George by having him sort through the rainbow pieces of paper and arrange them by size (much like our circle rainbow we did last year). Shortest to longest. I thought that would be a great way to start.Set up to make a rainbow and learn to spell your name

George had a little difficulty in sorting… he started out okay and I don’t know if he just got tired of that, but he started being goofy with it.

Sorting the rainbow by size

So we just scrapped that part of the activity and went on to what the activity is really about. Making the rainbow while spelling his name!

He found the shortest piece of paper with the letter that his name started with. G.

And to get him going, I’d ask:

“Do you see a piece of paper that has that letter G and one more letter on it?”

And that made sense to him. He found the paper with GE. And then I’d ask the same again.

Paper clip together their name to make a rainbow

When he found the next one, he stacked them together to see all the colors and paper clipped them together at the end.

This is what makes this an excellent fine motor activity. Paper clips are brilliant for little hands!

Paper clip together their name to make a rainbow

I don’t think he realized what he was spelling until he saw it all spelled out and he got excited then!

He's learning to spell his name!

He continued on finding the next set of letter until he paper clipped them all together to spell GEORGE!

All done! Learn to spell your name and make a rainbow!

A couple days later, he spotted his name and told me it was his name.

And this part is what got me excited.

It wasn’t just the letter G that made him recognize it was his name. He told me all the letters were his name and spelled it out for me.

Finally, his name is more than just a G.

If you’re on a name activities kick, Toddler Approved is my favorite place for fun ways to learn their name. Plus No Time for Flash Cards just shared a spelling game to spell your name.

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