Turn Leftover Kids Art into Streamers

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There are so many times I have the kids’ art just lying on my dining room table.

And not only that, we often use butcher or art paper to protect the table when we’re doing our creating… and it often gets covered with paint too! Or the kids decide to create on that as well.

What do you do with all the kids art?

Back this spring, we created some spring flowers for Mother’s Day. We loved making them!

But… I had covered the table this time and the boys completely covered the art paper with paint! They had a blast doing it.

Protect table while doing kids art

But what can I do with a long piece of paper full of random paint markings?

I found out I can turn them into a window decoration (which would be absolutely perfect for a birthday party)!

Henry and I cut the long piece of paper into thin strips of paper. As many as we could. I marked lines for him to follow along and he did his best (its actually kind of hard to do such a long length).

Turn Leftover Kids Art into Streamers!

George cut too. Just not in strips. He just cut however he pleased.

After cutting them into strips, we tried rolling them to make curly q’s. Around anything. A rolling pin. A pencil. A paintbrush.    It was too hard for Henry to roll, because it kept slipping. I taped the paper at one end onto the rolling device to make it easier for him.


Turns out though our paper couldn’t hold the curl very well at all.

So some got curled, some didn’t. Oh well!

Then I hung them in the window just with some tape onto the curtain rod.


Henry wanted to keep them there for the next birthday party because “it makes the room pretty”. But Dad got tired of them after a month or so of them hanging up and we had to take them down. Bummer. It just makes the window free for me to create on again! (teehee)

We also made streamers to run around with for the 4th of July! Another fun idea that could be used for birthday parties!



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