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During some outdoor play after supper,
Henry got his big backhoe out and started digging on the hillside.
When I asked what he was doing, the following is his answer.

I’m tearing down a building.
A bakery.
A building that a bakery was in.

And I’m going to put a farm there.
And over there.
And another farm over there.

He went on to tell me about whose farm is going where.
Along with what was going to be at each farm.
First he told me all the machinery for each farm.
A backhoe, a green track tractor, an orange track tractor…
the list went on.

And then he needed houses.
A big white house at Uncle Tyler’s, another white house at Grandpa’s and a gray house at Kim’s!

When I asked where he was going to put his machinery,
A machine shed, that’s what Grandpa has.
He also puts some stuff in his barn.
Yeah, that’s what Grandpa does.
And Tyler has a machine shed, too!

Once he was done tearing down the bakery building, he left for a minute.
When he came back, he told me he got the farms and put them in their place.

I guess our future baker has been turned into the future farmer of the family.
We all knew that was coming.

We checked out The Construction Site (affiliate link) from our library. It goes through the stages of the deconstruction of  an old building and construction of a new school. Along with the houses that are being torn down at the lower end of town that were flooded in 2008, I think these deconstructions are stuck in his mind.

It’s fun to sit back and listen to the stories he tells.
How excited he is when he tells them.
I’m sure as he gets older, they’ll get more and more elaborate.
And get even more excited!

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