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We don’t set out to find ways to play with textures and do sensory activities. Usually, they find us in our own everyday play – whether you know it or not, your child is exposed to sensory type play every time he touches, eats, smells, or makes a mess with something!

This week alone, Henry squished together the sliminess of our flour mixture activity, felt the paint on his hands and the different textures of the ribbons when we made some ribbon art, as well as playing with playdough almost daily! There’s opportunity for sensory play everywhere!

A few ways that you guys have been exposing your children to different textures in your everyday play: shaving cream, sensory tables, moon sand, water and ice, and even in the wind!

Water and Ice Play(Chadwick’s Picture Place) Exploring Wind(Play-Based Classroom)

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  1. Meaghan says

    Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas. I realized after reading this that it has been a while since we've done a few of these activities. We did dig in dirt a lot resently with some new trucks we got.

  2. says

    This is one of my favorite parts of the week. Great ideas, memories and fun shared here. Thanks for featuring us with a high 5 today!

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