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Now to be fair and unbiased, there are many ways to play that both boys and girls like.

And dressing up and art are for the boys, too.

But there are some things that every boy loves.
Cars, vehicles, dirt, to name a few.

I’m always on the lookout for things to do with boys. New activities, new play ideas, even new art inspiration that my boys would find interesting.

Here are just a few play ideas for boys from last week It’s Playtime:

play activities for boys

Kinderpendent makes road-making super easy! A black ribbon and white paint. Now you can take your road anywhere, walls, tables, floors, you name it.

Some other ways the boys have been playing on It’s Playtime:

play activities for boys

Above, from left to right:

  • Tinker away with tools at a tinkering table from Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning. Boys love anything with real tools!
  • csupamoka2 finds a way to play with homemade moon sand for the boys! Constructing a building with it? Wow!
  • A pool noodle marble run from Play Create Explore — something fascinating about watching where or what the marble will do when it flies off the end.
  • Let the boys’ minds get creative with legos! Star Wars figurines and settings are created with Legos at Art for Little Hands. Or a Legos Cars race track is played with at csupamoka2!

High Five to these play friends!

(Go leave them a playful comment!)

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