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Upcycling isn’t new to us in this house at all.

We save almost anything that comes through this door in the hopes to somehow use it in an upcoming activity (even though it drives my husband insane). But a lot has come in handy and plus it shows the boys how to reuse many common objects for more than its original intention. (Be inspired to save your recyclables for upcyling with plenty of ideas!)

And then, of course, we recycle what we can!

As well as upcycling and recycling, how else can you be earth-friendly, and model that to your kids?

There were a couple posts that absolutely caught my eye on It’s Playtime! A couple nature posts that can give you the opportunity to show your kids how to take care of the earth. I also included some good upcycling posts that you’ll love!

Earth Friendly Nature Activities

  • (on left) Explore nature and find some sticks to have some fun with! The Good Long Road has 10 ideas to play with sticks!
  • (on right) Make ice boats and float them away in a river or pond. Reading Confetti shares a completely earth-friendly ice boat so there’s no littering!

Recycling Activities

(above, clockwise from top-left)

  • Reuse all your pop bottle caps for some learning play! (From Stay At Home Educator)
  • We eat the fruit from these fruit cups daily! I never thought to reuse them until I saw these recycled jellyfish from Sugar Snips!
  • Upcycle some tin foil to make constellations! Love this idea from Crafty Moms Share.
  • NurtureStore recycles a box and makes a sailor a boat!

A couple earth-friendly books that are available for free this week on MeMeTales for the Readathon (join in!!) are:

'What Does It Mean to be Green?' on MeMeTales #readforgood Readathon'Let's Go Chippe!r' on MeMeTales Readathon #readforgood

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    Thanks for featuring my play with sticks post! Yeah! It was before I got a bit better at using my camera (still learning), so the pictures were not as good as I would like them to be, but we do have a lot of fun playing with sticks and I think that shows. I love being a part of “It’s Playtime!”

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