It’s Playtime is Full of Imagination!

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What is a tool that you think best sparks a child’s imagination?

The cardboard box? Paint?

Imagination Theme of The Readathon at MeMeTales (Week 4) #readforgood

How about dress up clothes? or reading books?

This week’s theme on the Readathon is Imagination and I’ve found so many brilliant ideas and resources to help encourage your child’s imagination! For example, Playdough to Plato has 9 simple ways to encourage imagination that’s a must read. And Make, Do & Friend has 5 ways to get their imaginations flowing.

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You can’t force a child’s imagination, you can only open it up. And once they realize what their imaginations are capable of, watch out! You’ll be in for a real treat! It makes me smile every time Henry goes completely into his own world (how about some tractor play?).

More ideas to spark your child’s imagination are found on It’s Playtime every week!

Activities to encourage kids imaginations!

(above, clockwise from top-left)

  • Simply use cut up shapes of foam in the bath and your child can transform them into robots! From Love and Lollipops.
  • Have a day for yarn. I love how Sense of Wonder set up stakes and handed the yarn to the kids to create whatever they like and to see where they went with it. (P.S. I’d also LOVE to attend Camp Wonderland!)
  • I love activities where the child can put themselves in your shoes. At Home with Ali sets up imaginary play with hanging out the laundry!
  • Of course, dress up is obvious for imaginary play, but don’t forget it for the boys! From Raise a Boy.

Three amazing books to help spark your child’s imagination are found on MeMeTales this week for the Imagination theme of the Readathon!

FREE this week! "Night Boy" on MeMeTales #readforgoodFREE this week! "Doors in the Air" on MeMeTales #readforgood

Let’s play a lot this week, okay?

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    Nature always sparks my toddler’s imagination. He makes so many things out of sticks and rocks become trains and paintbrushes! He also loves to create with leaves and flowers – sometimes making art, sometimes making his own pond and sometimes turning a flower into a butterfly that he flies around.

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