Gingerbread Mummy Halloween Treats

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Gingerbread Boy Mummies a Halloween Treat

As you may already know, we own a bakery. The boys spend a lot of time there with Dad and I. Dad does the baking, I decorate cakes.

It wasn’t too long ago that someone passed along a photo to me of these mummified gingerbread men from Betty Crocker and we decided to start making them at the bakery. We already make gingerbread men cookies, we just needed to ‘dress’ them (and give them eyes instead of buttons).

Henry’s classmates take turns bringing snacks for the class. It was his turn yesterday, and being so close to Halloween, we couldn’t resist making these mummified gingerbread men as a perfect snack for his preschool class!

Instead of gingerbread men though, we made mini ones, so they were gingerbread boy mummies!

Baking Gingerbread Mummies

Dad took Henry to the bakery to roll out the gingerbread dough. (Sorry, not letting out the family recipe, besides it would be enough to make 85 dozen!)

Henry used the mini gingerbread boy cookie cutter (affiliate link) and cut enough cookies for his classmates and teachers. He counted to be sure there was enough!

He also put on two raisins for eyes (fine motor practice, yay!). And sprinkled the cookies with sugar. (All the same that we do at the bakery.)

Baking Gingerbread Mummies

Dad brought them home to bake instead of doing it at the bakery (since this was done on a day off and heating up the large bakery oven for one little pan didn’t seem very efficient).

When they were baked and cooled, Henry ‘dressed’ the mummies using our roll icing (warmed up) in a squirt bottle. He quickly moved back and forth over the entire pan to cover them.

Dressing the Gingerbread Mummies for Halloween

And done! The gingerbread boy mummies were ready to dry and be packaged to take for snack!

Dressing the Gingerbread Mummies for Halloween

I don’t know if his classmates believed that he really made them or not. But he did. And he’s quite proud of them.

I’m very glad to be able to bring the boys into our ‘work’ in this way, and so glad they get to experience what Dad does at work and they love it!

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