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Carpet doodling was an unexpected activity that came out of some free play.

Henry and I scored a bunch of old utensils and cookie cutters from my great-grandmother’s house. They’ve been in a bucket around the house and played with nearly every day.

As we were playing one day, we discovered that they could make marks, or doodles, in the carpet rugs!

This lead to some exploration.

The cookie cutters made the best doodles in the carpet.
Hearts, circles, ovals, and school bells (Henry told me what the bell was even).

Lots of flowers (excuse me, Henry says they’re clouds).
(It was hard to get a photo of the doodles that were made.)

Henry tried some of the utensils.

Some made their mark, others did not.

After doodling, the marks had to be erased.
This was best done with the backhoe.

But other utensils were tried, as well.

Here’s a monkey doodle I made.

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  1. rachelle | tinkerlab says

    I love this!! Art is everywhere, isn't it? We just have to open our eyes to see it. And as parents, it's a great reminder that we can sit back and allow our kids to discover wonder in the world around them.

  2. The Book Chook says

    What Rachelle said really resonates with me. It's about opening our eyes and sharing that sense of wonder our kids have, so we do see Art everywhere. Even when it's impermanent, like with carpet doodling.

  3. Art For Little Hands says

    Wow! It looks like he spent a lot of time doing this activity. I remember doing something similar when I was little. Kids are so creative. Thanks for sharing at my art party last Thursday

  4. Michelle says

    Love this! We don't have any carpets in our home because of allergies but I can see how kids can enjoy this! :)

    Featuring this post in new weekly High paw. Thanks for joining Jamie! :)

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