Drawing Activity: Chalkboard Connect the Dots

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Chalkboard Connect the Dots

I found a simple way to have Henry work on writing (fine motor skills) as well as refreshing his counting skills.

I also wanted to give him confidence that he could create drawings with just simple lines.

Using a chalk board and chalk (or you could use your sidewalk or driveway if you don’t have a chalkboard), I made some simple connect the dots in basic shapes. I’ve also done this on paper (on a roll of art paper -affiliate link to make it large) with markers.

The first attempt was with four shapes at one time. But it got confusing for Henry to keep them separate when trying to count.

Learn to Draw by Connecting the Dots

So we started over with one shape at a time. An octagon this time!

Learn to Draw by Connecting the Dots

Henry connected the dots and I wrote STOP in it when he was finished! Ta da! He just drew a stop sign on his own. Pretty amazing huh?

We also tried drawing a star. This was way more confusing than i had anticipated. Henry refused to let the lines he drew cross each other. So his star was quite funny, and looking nothing like a star.

I had to keep this in mind when trying other shapes for him to connect.

Preschool Activity Connecting the Dots

It was exciting to see Henry be a little excited about drawing something that was actually something instead of just lines, circles or scribbles. I’m hoping it’ll give him the confidence to try drawing other shapes on his own!

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