Art Projects for Kids

These are some creative and fun art projects for kids to create! Find fun new ways to enjoy the process of creating art with toddlers and preschoolers.

Of course, I'm kind of partial to big art projects for younger kids that really involves them in their art making!

Lots of creative and fun art projects for kids to make!

Popular art projects for kids can be found in the list below, these are a great place to start!

2011-07-19_61252-e1369795026301[1] tape-resist-art-button non-toxic, earth friendly paint A Big Art Collection
Frozen Paint Summer
Art Project for Kids
13 Creative
Tape Resist Projects
Homemade Edible
Finger Paint Recipe
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Rainbow Sponge
Throw Ribbon
50 Paint Tools,
Methods & Recipes
30 Creative Toddler
Crafts & Art Projects

Find the most recent crafts for kids below.

Rainbow sponge painting is super cool!

Rainbow Sponge Painting is Super Cool!

Kids of all ages will think that rainbow sponge painting is super cool! Girls, boys, toddlers, preschoolers, this is a magical way to make a rainbow!


Simple Art Prompt: Drawing on the Table

A simple art prompt to set out for the young kids to get creative and draw right on the table. Be creative and find a fun place to set it up!


Fall Leaf Collage made with Bubble Wrap Art

I feel like a successful hands on mom when my preschooler runs to me with bubble wrap in his hand and says,  ”We have to save this and paint with it later!” That’s how this fall leaf collage came about. We made bubble wrap art prints first in beautiful fall colors. Henry started with dumping red, yellow […]