11 Connect the Dots Activities to Ditch the Traditional Worksheets!

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I’ve been on a major connect the dots activities kick with the kids lately. From beginner connect the dots for preschoolers to more abstract and hands on connect the dots that got the kids moving.

When I searched for more connect the dots activities to do with the kids, I was bummed that all I was finding were number worksheets for them to count and connect.

There seems to be so much more potential with connect the dots than that!

We’ve already had so much fun with them, I figured there had to be more ways to do hands on activities and connect the dots!

11 not-so-traditional ways to do Connect the Dots activities with the kids

You’re in luck, I found 11 awesome connect the dots activities, and we can ditch the worksheets. These are going to be fun for the kids!

  1. Use crafts sticks to connect the dots on the floor! From Inspiration Laboratories
  2. Use a chalkboard, or whiteboard, and make a big connect the dots. Use simple shapes or letters to make.
  3. Preschoolers that don’t recognize numbers, or know the sequence of numbers, can simply connect dots instead! In any order they please!
  4. Get the kids moving while connecting the ‘dots’. We set up a way connect colors together using string.
  5. Preschoolers that know their letters can do a big connect the dots that matches letters to each other, again, in any order they please.
  6. Bring math into the equation! Make your own connect the dots that kids have to solve the problems to find the order. From No Time for Flash Cards.
  7. Simply just make your own connect the dots. Easy peasy. From What Do We Do All Day?
  8. Just make it big! Make a simple – but big! – connect the dots, using numbers, on a big piece of paper! From What Do We Do All Day?
  9. Use magnets to make a connect the dots on your fridge! Sticky notes work great for the numbers! From B-Inspired Mama
  10. Stickers work great for a simple connect the dots for toddlers too! From What Do We Do All Day?
  11. Take connect the dots to the window! Drawing on the window with window markers (dry erase markers work on the window too!) make it fun! From And Next Comes L

I don’t have anything against doing a traditional Connect the Dots worksheet either, they’re great busy activities for the kids!

Do you have any ways to do connect the dots activities?

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