Classic Glittery Christmas Stocking Craft

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This has got to be one of the most classic crafts we’ve made, especially for Christmas, but since its a classic, we just had to make this simple Christmas stocking craft!

Classic glittery stocking craft for kids to make

I cut out two pieces of red scrapbook paper in a stocking shape. Nothing fancy, just a giant ‘J’ pretty much. I cut them out together, so they’re exactly the same shape and size.

I punched holes around the edge of the stocking. Older preschoolers and kindergartners, like Henry, could do the hole punching. But George isn’t quite strong enough to do it yet. I guess we need to do some of the hand strengthening activities.

Still, this is a great craft that is awesome for fine motor, hand to eye coordination.

Setup to make a classic Christmas Stocking craft

Then I tied the end of a thin, white ribbon to the top hole, and let George start sewing around the edge of the stocking. Going around and in the top side of the stocking, over and over, all the way around.

Quick tip: I paper clipped the two pieces of paper together to hold them in place.

George shocked me with how well he did this and followed the simple directions I gave him.

He asked over and over again, almost with every hole, if it should go in that next hole.

Sew together a classic Christmas stocking craft

Once he sewed the entire stocking together, it seemed a little bare and needed some character.

Stickers to decorate a Christmas stocking craft

So George added some stickers and glitter glue to spice it up a bit.

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Add glitter to make a sparkly Christmas stocking craft!

Perfect! It can now be used to fill up with goodies for some pretend Santa play!

Make a classic and glittery Christmas stocking craft

Or it just looks great hanging from the mantel, or in our case, our dining room light!

A great conversation to have with the kids while making this would be about the Christmas gimmes and filling up that stocking. Imagination Soup has a few pointers for stopping the Christmas gimmes.

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