Boat Craft for Kids to Make from Juice Boxes

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We suck down a lot of juice boxes in the summertime. I finally realized I can make something with these juice boxes! So we made a cute boat craft for kids to play with!

They’re very simple to make, but take a little help from Mom (and any adult).

But I love to upcycle and reuse something before we throw it away. It just makes my craft cupboard much easier to stock!

We used our sponsor’s, Mott’s for Tots, juice boxes (they’re 40% less sugar that’s 100% apple juice with all the essential vitamins: A, C, E).

I can’t get over Mott’s promise:

“Nurture the potential in every kid every day.”

That’s been my goal this year as I want to spend time with every kid, every day. And nurturing their potential through creativity is right up my alley!

How to make a boat craft for kids using juice boxes:

How to make a juice box boat

Ask (as if you have to) the kids to drink their Mott’s for Tots juice boxes.

While drinking their juice, Henry and George can cut triangles from card stock paper for the sail of their boat.

We did a double triangle to add some color. So they each cut a larger triangle and then a smaller triangle in another color.

Tip: I drew lines across the corners so George would just have to cut one straight line.

The rest was up to me.

I taped the triangles together on top of each other. I just used Scotch tape.

Once they had their juice gone, I taped the sail to their straw of the juice box. Again, just with Scotch tape. I don’t have really any trick for this, other than to kind of shift the paper to one side of the straw. I also used the bendy part of the straw to fold over the top of the sail and then bend down over along the edge of it. To give it that added structure.

With the sail complete, I added it to the boat (the juice box). I poked a hole on the side of the juice box (unfortunately it ended up right in the eye of the apple on our Mott’s for Tots juice boxes! Looks a little odd poking him in the eye!)

And be sure to tape the hole at the top of the juice box too so it doesn’t sink!

Boat craft for kids to make from juice boxes

The kids thought these were great!

We got out a tub (it hasn’t been swimming pool weather, or we would have done that) and filled it with water.

And they floated their new boats!

Floating boat craft for kids to make with juice boxes

Louis was a little boat destructer!

He’d keep pulling the sale out of the boat! But that was easily fixed…

I need to find a way to have a longer bit of water so that they boys can have races.

It would be so fun to have them blow them across the swimming pool or something else (with out touching) to see who wins (my kids are all about competition… every thing is a race)!

Floating boat craft for kids to make

Why I love Mott’s for Tots juices:

  • Mott’s for Tots was developed with children in mind
  • Mott’s for Tots has diluted the juice for mom, while still delivering the essential nutrition kids need and great taste they want
  • With 40% less sugar* than 100% apple juice and vitamins A, C, & E Mott’s for Tots helps children get the nutrition they need
  • Mott’s for Tots is pediatrician preferred over regular juice, good for kids’ growing bodies and has a taste they love
  • They also have a 64oz jug of juice for at home use when we’re not on the go all the time.

Follow Mott’s on their social media:

*Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush and Wild Grape Surge have 15g sugar and the market average of 100% fruit juices and blends have 25g sugar.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Motts for Tots via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine.

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