Learning Activities for Kids

All play and activities to children is educational. These activities are educational activities that are created intentionally for learning. Learning letters, numbers, counting, and so on.

Lots of learning activities for toddlers, preschoolers and school kids.

Many learning activities can be adapted to what your child is learning as well as their stage in development.

Popular learning activities that are great for some inspiration can be found in the list below.

40 Number Activities for Preschoolers14-toddler-learning-activit-00150 ways to learn the abc's511+Crafts117beginner-letter-learningwater-experiments-for-kidslearning-shape-activities-fKids Experiment, What Dissolves in Water?

Find the most recent learning activities below.


Do the Kernels Take up More Volume than the Ear of Corn Itself?

There’s a myth that we recently heard about here in Iowa during harvest season. The theory, or myth, is about the volume of an ear of corn. The shucked kernels of an ear of corn take up more volume than when the same kernels were still on the cob. We decided to put this to […]

A spider web scavenger hunt for kids to do during Halloween

Spider Web Scavenger Hunt for Halloween

A fun spider web scavenger hunt for Halloween that kids get moving and learning while they help the spider find all the bugs he caught in his spider web!


A Halloween Alphabet with Skeleton Bones

Build and make a Halloween alphabet without writing! Instead use ‘skeleton bones’ to make the alphabet and words! Make every letter of the alphabet!