8 Intentional Learning Activities

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We mostly like to incorporate learning into our every day play. But there are occasions that I create intentional learning activities for the boys to do. And Henry really does enjoy doing them. He’s kind of my smarty pants and likes to prove it.

Last week was parent teacher conferences at Henry’s school. So we got a nice little evaluation of what Henry’s doing well on, and some areas that he can work on.

Its times like this that inspire me to break out the learning activities to work with Henry.

I found a few places for inspiration on It’s Playtime last week!

8 Intentional Learning Activities for Kids

(above, from top, left to right)

  1. Little Lucky is learning colors with a color hunt from items found in nature.
  2. Kids Activities Blog shared an owl craft that allows the child to work on skip counting. Counting by twos. (Henry’s been randomly skip counting lately, so this really intrigues me!)
  3. Blog Me Mom works on addition, but for preschoolers. Which means awesome one-to-one correspondence with counting.
  4. Life with Moore Babies sets up a sight word smashing game! Sight words our on our next thing to try!
  5. Structured Play practices spelling and recognizing their name with pumpkins!
  6. Making Boys Men has a little fun with bowling and learning the letters of the alphabet!
  7. Rub Some Dirt On It combines letter learning with fine motor practice and gross motor skills! This one looks fun!
  8. Buggy & Buddy shares some every day learning from a bathroom scale. This is where most of our learning comes from. Every day happenings that we expand upon.

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