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I made a free printable for myself (and to share with you!) to help aid in my memory keeping that has some fun interview questions for kids to answer about all their favorite stuff.

While, we’re all about the memory making, I’m horrible at capturing the memories I have with my kids onto paper. I’ve found a couple ideas that work for me, such as the birthday photo to make every year, and this year-end interview with the kids.

Complete honesty time. I bet I don’t have over a dozen photos printed of George and none yet of Louis (not counting professionally taken, but those are even very few).

Henry’s baby book got filled out. George’s got started…. Louis’s… well, I bought one.

Yep. That’s me. My excuse is this blog is my record of them growing up. Good enough excuse, right?

Well. Something I can handle is doing something once a year to capture quick memories. I created a quick little interview to ask the kids about their favorites!

I captured it on video to capture their voice, their mannerisms, their character. And then had our sponsor YourVidKid put some oomph into it and make it all professional. Can I tell you how horrible I am at editing video? I wouldn’t know where to start even, these guys are lifesavers! (My husband is already planning a video for their graduation parties.)

You can download the Year-End Interview Questions for Kids free printable and ask your kids too! Jot down their answers and put it in a scrapbook if you have one. Or have them fill it out if they’re able to (so cute in their handwriting!).

Download the free printable of interview questions for kids to answer at the end of the year or at their birthdays to capture precious memories.

I found a few other year-end interviews for kids that I grabbed ideas from, including:

Below, you can check out Henry and George’s interviews that I recorded and sent off to YourVidKid to do their magic on it. Love these boys! I can’t wait to include Louis in this next year!

Just to say how awesome YourKidVid is. My videos were horrible, boring, and in four different segments, because, well you know kids. I did George and Henry in completely different interviews at different times.

I simply uploaded them to DropBox and filled out a quick form (literally less than 5 minutes of my time) and they did their thing.

A couple days later, I had this movie. And I couldn’t be more happy. I love how their answers are merged together, side by side!

Download the interview questions for kids here.

YourKidVid could also work perfect as your Holiday Year In Review Letter! (They also offer gift cards so you can give the gift of a premium hand crafted movie.)

Check it out and start uploading your videos for your own mini-movie. Plus, I have a 20% off coupon code exclusively for hands on : as we grow readers: YKV-4XU

Best of all, I’m giving away a free Premium Video!

  • Just leave a comment telling me your favorite part of my video!
  • Winner will be draw at random from comments left before11:59PM Pacific Time on 1/31/14.

Download the free printable of interview questions for kids to answer at the end of the year or at their birthdays to capture precious memories. Use YourKidVid for easy movie editing!

Disclosure: I received a free Premium video and compensation for my time to facilitate this feature.

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  1. Noelle Monaghan says

    I think this is a fantastic idea and a very well put together video! I loved the part where your son says that “recess” is his favorite subject and I also thought it was great to see the snowman and ghost pop up on the screen during their interviews.

  2. Stephanie S says

    I’m not sure where your video is, everything I clicked on went to their homepage. I love this idea. I have 4 kids and tons of video’s that I’m so afraid that I am going to loose. This would be great to have. Thanks for a chance to win.

    • Jamie Reimer says

      hehe :) George is pretty funny about ghosts. He asks about them every night before bed. We kind of made a boo-boo last (wait… 2012) Halloween about ghosts and its been a hot-topic since.

  3. says

    Oh I just love this idea! I’m going to try it with my grandchildren! My favorite part of the video is the adorable honesty and out of the mouths of children Henry asks..what are sports! And George telling Henry he’s not suppose to be in his picture! I also love the faces they make, and of course George’s dance! Oh and the pop-ups! Thanks for sharing and a chance to win!

  4. Pam T says

    “What’s a sport?” !! made me laugh out loud! I LOVE this idea! I’ve been writing down the things my grandkids say but THIS is the way to do it! I know what I’m doing this New Year’s Eve when I’m babysitting! Thanks for the terrific idea! :) Love it, love it, love it!

  5. Caroline says

    Wowwww!! This is amazing :-) Would love to have a video like that of my boys! Favorite part: “say goodbye” “not yet” a little natural moviestar :-)) Merry Christmas & Holidays to all of you

  6. Tonya Adrian-Hill says

    I loved the whole thing. How they went back and forth with the boys, their heart-warming honesty, and very cute, laugh out loud answers. My youngest are now 11 and I so wish I had something like this from when they were littler. At least I can start now. Thank you for sharing for sharing this idea and the video of your boys. They are so cute, brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart.

  7. says

    I like how each child’s answer is unique to their personality and when the youngest showed how to dance ( so stinking cute). I am sure your family will treasure this video for many years. I also wont feel so bad about not having finished my daughter’s baby book yet ;). Another great option is for family photos at Snapfish- if you sign up for the mobile app you get 100 free photo prints a month for 12 months.

  8. Christine says

    I just love that you’ve really got this in their own words. I try to jot down funny things my girl says, always after the fact, but I know I can’t capture all the quirky expressions and inflections. I love that about having the video. And your boys are charming!

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