Water Activity with Newspaper

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This is one water activity that actually just grosses me out… I have a thing against certain items being wet… bread especially, but paper isn’t much different. The wet newspaper is not something I’d like to touch myself.

But, oh did my boys! They loved this sensory activity!

It was only water and newspaper too! So simple!

Water Activity with Newspaper

I had the plan to try the creeping water experiment that I’ve seen several places, but recently saw it again at Royal Baloo. I’ve never done it before, but thought I could change it up with newspaper, instead of paper towels.

Maybe it would have worked. I’m not sure if it takes a long time for the water to begin creeping. But it wasn’t going anywhere.

So, instead of waiting for the water to creep, the boys decided to play with the newspapers in their jars of colored water!

Water Activity with Newspaper

Eww! It makes me cringe actually just looking at these photos! ha!

Okay, so here’s what we did for this Newspaper Water Activity.

While I filled up a few jars with some water and added food coloring to them. The boys kept busy ripping strips of newspaper.

After failing at the water creeping experiment, the boys just had a blast transferring the newspaper from one jar of water to the other.

After awhile, their water started to diminish as it was being soaked up in the newspapers…

This lead to squeezing the water out of the newspaper and back into the jars.

Water Activity with Newspaper

Oh, it was a soggy, gooey mess that I didn’t want to be a part of.

This one was all for the kids! Another water activity that they loved.


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