Two for One: Cracker Box & Number Puzzles

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I’ve been on the hunt for some really simple activities that I can throw together on a whim. This ‘cereal box’ puzzle is one of them. I actually didn’t happen to have a cereal boxes in the recycling bin, so I opted for a cracker box. (That’s what’s awesome about this, you can use whatever you go on hand!)

I cut out the face side of the cracker box and decided to make two puzzles from this one simple setup.

A puzzle of the picture of the cracker box itself, and then a number puzzle using the back side!

Two for One: Cracker or Cereal Box & Number Counting Puzzles

I turned it over and labeled it with numbers before I started cutting.

Then I simply cut between the number to make rows and columns. I probably cut these too difficult. I wanted it more difficult than just squares, mainly because I wanted there to be only one correct way to put the puzzle together. But I think went overboard with the curves and zigzag cuts.

But it still worked. Next time I’ll just remember to make it a tad simpler even.

I let Henry have a shot at putting together the number puzzle, counting his way to sixteen as he did it.

I loved this. Because if he thought 15 came after 11, when he tried to put it in place, he knew it wasn’t right and made him recount to figure out what it actually is.

But yes, as you can see in the photo below, the puzzle cuts I made were a little too intricate, so I did have to help him along in getting them to fit snugly in place. He could get it for the most part, just not ‘perfectly’ in place.

He was rather proud when he finished.

He has yet to try the cracker box puzzle on the other side, an activity for another day I guess!

We’ve done plenty of other counting and number activities that you might like to check out too!

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  1. Jackie @ Happy Hooligans says

    I LOVE this puzzle, Jamie! I can’t wait until we finish our next box of cereal! I meant to thank you for featuring our mobile mud-patch last week too, and I keep thinking of it when I’m not in front of my computer. I’m sorry!! Thank you!! I love that you loved it enough to share. :)

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