Tree Handprint & Symmetry Art

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Hey hey hey! We all have firsts, right? Well, around here… it was handprints!

Can you believe it? We have never done handprints in this house yet… until now!

Symmetry Art for Kids

And Henry was so excited to do it. It was actually his idea. I asked if he wanted to paint something and he said he wanted to do handprints! (Must be doing some of those at school, I guess!)

Henry jumped right in and painted his hand without any direction. I asked him what colors and he said green, of course! (I always add yellow when we paint with green, it just seems prettier to me.)

And he started making handprints. We talked a little bit about what he’d like to make and we came up with a tree. And this conversation made me think of all the symmetry art I see around, and we have yet to do anything like that (yet another first for us!).

So, I quickly folded Henry’s paper in half and instructed him (ick, I know) to try his best to stay on the one side of the paper.

We got out some brown paint and Henry painted a tree trunk right down the middle of the fold. Perfect!

Symmetry Art for Kids

Henry got right back to adding more handprints for leaves on his tree.

Symmetry Art for Kids

One he was satisfied with his (half) of a tree, I had him fold his paper over. He didn’t press down the first time he tried, so on the second try we made sure to press it down good.

And then opened it up!

Symmetry Art for Kids

Henry was psyched about his now full tree!

It may be a little hard to tell its a tree, but the concept is there. And the fun was definitely there.

Symmetry Art for Kids

And you wonder what I have George doing during our activities? He’s usually right along side us, doing some portion of the activity. Here he’s painting along and even pretended to fold his paper over like Henry did at one point. Very funny boy.

(The circles on his paper are just from me dumping out the paint.)

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  1. says

    Oh, thank goodness, I’m not the only one to have not done handprints (or footprints) with my children yet! I thought the tree worked out nicely. Never thought of doing symmetry with a tree design.

  2. Jonathon Patton says

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