10 Must Have Toys for Outdoor Fun!

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These are my basic toys that kids must have for outdoor fun!

They’re pretty much as basic as it gets and we have them all and love them. I can only vouch for fun from 4 years and younger. But I think they’re all pretty basic and have a wide age range associated with them.

The toys aren’t anything spectacular or anything out of the ordinary. They’re just what we’ve tried and love and I think every kid does or would. Some are just great as toys while others aide well in outdoor activities.

I tend to think of outdoor fun ideas when its comes Easter time. These kind of toys are what I think can be included in an Easter basket (okay, they really can’t all fit in a basket, but you know what I mean). The following list contains affiliate links.


Must Have Outdoor Toys for Kids:


Baseball Tee for Outdoor Fun Must Have Outdoor Toy #10A Baseball Tee: No special reason as to why I think this should be a must-have outdoor toy, other than its a classic.That’s that. A classic toy. My boys practice hitting the ball and the other loves to chase after it and put it back. T-ball starts this summer for Henry so it may be used even more, or maybe less because it won’t be the same. I’ll be curious how that plays out. But for younger kids its a perfect way to get active and learn a little about sports if you’re not huge into them (we really aren’t).
Picnic Table for Outdoor Fun Must Have Outdoor Toy #9The picnic table: I purposefully picked this specific picnic table for the reason that its bigger than the others I have seen. We have this one and it gets used constantly when we’re outside. It sits next to the sandbox and the boys use it in their sandbox play even.We have picnic lunches at it (its sturdy enough for an adult to sit at too) or a quick snack.Its also great for art projects that can get messy.
Wheelbarrow for Outdoor Fun Must Have Outdoor Toy #8A wheelbarrow: My boys love this, they love to help around the yard or go about hauling their own things. Plus, it helps them learn about balance.We have this particular one and love it, its sturdy and will not fall apart or break.
Lawn Mower for Outdoor Fun Must Have Outdoor Toy #7Lawn Mower: We actually have two lawn mowers. As simple as they are, the kids keep busy with them.Why do kids at such a young age (before they’re really old enough to do it for real) love to do real chores?
Gardening Tools for Outdoor Fun Must Have Outdoor Toy #6Gardening Tools: My kids love helping out in any way they can around the yard. If they see Mom or Dad raking the lawn or digging up weeds, they want to do it too. These are perfect for them!
A Net for Outdoor Fun Must Have Outdoor Toy #5A Net: We use our net mostly in the pool in the summertime for some reason. The boys love scooping their other toys out of the water with it.The imaginary play with this has great potential as well as learning about insects on a bug hunt.
Watering Can for Outdoor Fun Must Have Outdoor Toy #4Watering Can: Once again, when the kids see me doing it, they want to do it too. Let them water the plants themselves. Seriously, they love it.
Sandbox Toys for Outdoor Fun Must Have Outdoor Toy #3Sandbox Toys such as a Loader and Dump Truck: I didn’t put a sandbox table on this list because I like the big sandboxes that are on the ground. Not one that you’d buy, but one that you’d make yourself and then just get a truck load of sand for it. That said, the kids need toys to play in it! Loads and dump trucks go a long ways with their imaginations in the sand box.Shovels and buckets are also great for the sandbox.
A Ball for Outdoor Fun Must Have Outdoor Toy #2A Ball: Enough said. It can be used for many games and play.
Sidewalk Chalk for Outdoor Fun Must Have Outdoor Toy #1Sidewalk Chalk: Yep. Sidewalk chalk is my number 1 toy for outdoor fun. Its versatile and can be used to make games up, to let the kids be creative, practice writing, whatever. It has learning potential, does great for gross motor and fine motor activities, as well as art projects. How can you not love sidewalk chalk?

What would you add to the list for outdoor fun?


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