Toddler Activity: Pipe Cleaner Sprinkles

Toddler Fine Motor Activity with Pipe Cleaners

We have these little containers from the bakery that hold glitter. When I empty them, I just can’t throw them away. They seem so useful for something.

They’re like a giant spice container with huge holes. If you don’t have anything like this [which doesn’t surprise me, not everyone has access to bakery ingredients], a container could easier be made from an oatmeal container or cup with holes punches around the edges of the lid like The Imagination Tree did for a straw discovery box.

Toddler Fine Motor Activity with Pipe Cleaners

Henry found them one evening while I was getting dinner ready and said he was pretending to put sprinkles on his cupcakes.

So I told him I’d give him some sprinkles to do so.

I cut up some pipe cleaners into little one inch pieces [or so].

And let the boys have at the fun of getting them into the sprinkles container.

Toddler Fine Motor Activity with Pipe Cleaners

While it was Henry that really got into this activity, George would have had a blast doing this too. He still loves our pom pom container and constantly puts the pom poms in and out of that.

This was a great busy activity for Henry to do while I got dinner on the table. He spent a lot of time concentrating on each pipe cleaner sprinkle to put in the container.

Toddler Fine Motor Activity with Pipe Cleaners

He never did use them as sprinkles for his cupcakes because by the time the sprinkles were all in the container, it was already time for dinner!

Oh well, now they’re in there and we can always come back to them and use them for some pretend baking!

Henry is almost 4 years old.
George is 18 months.


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  1. Vicky says

    Love activities that reuse things we already have. Add in fine motor practice and I am sold! Thanks for the idea! Pinning this! Vicky from Mess For Less

    • Jamie says

      Ah! Yes! I knew there was a household item that was like this! I just couldn’t think of it! Care if I edit to add that detail?

  2. Jenni says

    The next step on is tooth picks through the little holes on a salt or pepper pot – hard to find one where the holes aren’t too small though!! These are good to have in your bag for entertaining in queues etc!!

  3. Jode says

    What a great activity…i have been looking for other ideas for my big spice jars to use with the twins…perfect!And i love that you write the ages of the kids in your post…hope you found a way to make it easier!!

  4. crystal@growingajeweledrose says

    I love this container! We save our regualt spice containers for imaginary play, but this one is SO MUCH BETTER :)

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