Textured Sensory Wall for Toddlers & Babies on the Move

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This sensory wall for toddlers is a wonderful sensory exploration for both young toddlers and older babies that are on the move shared by Erin of Bambini Travels.

This is a combination tactile experience and fine motor activity perfect for a child learning to walk or new to walking.

Textured sensory wall for toddlers

Some fun materials to gather for your texture wall:

  • Large Colorful Paper (I used 4 pieces of construction paper taped together)
  • Contact Paper (Large enough piece to cover colored paper)
  • Photos (laminated with contact paper)
  • Curly Ribbon, Pom Poms, or any other lightweight, colorful items
  • Scissors
  • Book tape
  • Basket

Texture Sensory Wall for Toddlers & Babies on the Move

How to prepare the sensory wall for toddlers:

  1. Tape colored paper to a wall.
  2. Cover paper with sticky side out contact paper and tape the edges down with clear tape. It may help to attach the first piece of tape to the top while the contact paper is still on the floor and then attach that side to the wall first.
  3. Prepare your items in a basket on the floor. I  chose laminated pictures of their faces and curly ribbon, but any items that a young toddler can manipulate, grasp, and potentially taste are good.
  4. Place a couple of the items on the sticky wall to engage your infant.

Like most wonderful infant and toddler activities, this is a child-directed open ended activity once it is set up.

Your child will likely notice and engage with the materials without much prompting.

Sensory Wall for Toddlers & Babies on the Move

Observe what interests them most. For some this might be taking the objects on and off. For some it might be simply the sticky wall.

Use language to describe what they are doing (for example: “You pulled it off!” “Your fingertips stick.”).

Model alongside your child how to stick objects back on or pull them off.

Allow them to leave and return to the activity over the course of the day or several days.

Sensory Wall Activity Extensions:

  • Make a longer sticky sensory wall for toddlers to walk along.
  • Change the materials you provide. Some ideas could include: pieces of construction paper, juice can lids, or strands of yarn.

ebuhrErin Buhr lives with her husband and 2 year old twins in Wisconsin. She enjoys traveling, taking photos, and being outside in the sunshine. She has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and was an Early Childhood Educator for 11 years before deciding to be at Stay at Home Mom.

She is also the co-founder of Bambini Travel (www.bambinitravel.com), which hopes to inspire exploration and travel with young children.

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