Stamped Heart Valentine’s Day Art Project


A Valentine’s Day art project that kids and even toddlers can do on their own! Upcycle a toilet paper towel tube to make an abstract heart art project!

Be sure to be inspired by all our Valentine’s Day projects we’ve been doing! [There's also a ton on our Valentine's Day Pinterest board!]

Stamped Heart Valentine's Day Art Project


Time to get creative with an abstract Valentine’s Day art project!


How can you not like abstract art that’s by a toddler?

All you need to do this is save a toilet paper roll the next time you empty one! Crease it in the down the side [the long way] to make a point and then crease the other side of it inward to make it a heart shape.

Dip in the end of it in red, pink, or purple paint. [We love Crayola Washable Paint, it really washes out of everything!]

Then just stamp on the dipped end onto a piece of paper.

Stamped Heart Valentine's Day Art Project


Let your toddler [or even an older child would love this] just stamp away. No right or wrong way here. They just get the satisfaction of making a heart and how very cool that is!


Stamped Heart Valentine's Day Art Project



I love the blob of hearts Henry made in the middle.


Stamped Heart Valentine's Day Art Project


I’ve been using 12×12 scrapbook paper a lot for our art project and crafts, so I broke down and bought a scrapbook frame. I love the finished look it gives Henry’s art. I can’t wait to keep changing it out with each project.


I wonder what other shapes can be made from a toilet paper roll?

Henry is 2.5 years old.

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    This is exciting. I didn’t know you could make hearts with toilet paper rolls. I did a post on learning activities with ovals and I used a toilet paper roll and paint to show the relationship between circles and ovals. Thanks for the information.

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