Squiggle! Tracing Lines on the Driveway

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On a spur of a moment activity (why not? They’re the best and easiest), I drew a few random, swirly lines with chalk on our driveway.

George had such a fun time tracing letters and shapes on our indoor chalkboard, when I wrote that post I realized it would be so much fun to do the same outside on the driveway!

So that’s what we did. Though we didn’t do it as learning or anything in that way this time. This time, it was just fun tracing lines.


We merged the tracing letters activity with one of our favorite activities of all time, painting the driveway with water.

I drew lines all over the driveway with sidewalk chalk. I made them wavy, swirly lines that overlapped each other.


I set the kids up with an old paintbrush and a little tub of water. They painted (traced) the lines from beginning to end.

When I drew the lines, I asked if they wanted them all the same colors or all different colors. We ended up picking 4 different colors to do the lines in.


They each chose two colors of lines to trace.


Henry did blue from beginning to end. Then pink. But that was not his first choice.

The disappointment that he ended up with pink to trace was all over his face. So I turned it around to make it better for him by telling him if he doesn’t like the pink line, then erase it with the water to make it go away!

That hurried him up pretty fast.


The reason he ended up with pink to do is because George started on both yellow and green at the same time.


George never quite made it to the end, but worked on both diligently.

Henry ended up tracing those lines as well from the end to go back and meet George in the middle.

A fun twist: You could add a little something at the end of each line that they could find when they get to the end. (This would be better if you drew all the lines in the same color so they’d be surprised with what they’d find).

A learning twist: You could even write capital letters at the beginning of the line and their matching lowercase letter at the end to add a little learning and letter recognition, kind of like the matching letters activity we did on the driveway too.

But we were just about the fun this time.

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    Awesome activity Jamie! Anything that can be done with sidewalk chalk and minimal supplies always ends up being a hit in our house! Great fine motor practice too–especially for kids who are just starting to write!

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