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I am so excited to have found a way that I can do this Kids Art Exchange!

It has been an idea burning in my head for the year at least and a light bulb recently went off on how to do this!

Your kids will love doing this and I hope that you will participate. I think it will be a fun way to connect with each other!


Remember back in our own school days? Chain letters were fun to participate in! I’m creating this art exchange as a chain letter to get your kids excited to share their art with the world, as well as make a friend along the way!

When someone receives the letter [there will be instructions], they’ll take a morning and get creative with their child! Then send that piece of art that the child created to the child listed on the back of their paper. By doing this, the child should receive 36 pieces of art from kids all over the world if everyone participates, but even getting one or two would be exciting to start a friendship! How fun is that!

I would like to encourage you and your kids to create a relationship with at least one person that sends you art. Write them back a thank you note. They’ll be touched and a relationship may just bloom.

Another fun aspect of this art exchange for the kids is that they’ll get to upload their creations here, for the world to see if they’d like! This will be a great place for you to chat with the person that sent you something too! There will be a gallery of the kids art here on hands on : as we grow! I’m so excited to see what gets shared there and to meet some amazing and artistic kids!

Will you take part in this Kids Art Exchange with me?

If you’d like to sign up to start this Kids Art Exchange with me, fill out the form below. By signing up as the first tier in this exchange, you’ll have some special duties that I’ll send along to you [nothing tedious, its just something different than what the rest of the world would have to do, I promise you’ll be able to handle it], so please make sure you’re committed to doing it as I don’t want to stop the exchange before it even gets started.

Hopefully from here kids art will go around the world! And you’ll see some creative pieces of art come your child’s way. Let’s keep this going and going and going…

By the way, if you’re a blogger, I’d love for you to continue this on your blog! Contact me for some details!


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      • Leanne Sullivan says

        I’m not sure if I missed your email on how to get started with the Kids Art Exchange you set up. I would love for my girls to participate. Please let me know how to send/receive artwork. Thanks. Leanne

        • says

          Hey Leanne – It looks like your email address was just signed up this morning, if you don’t get additional instructions yet this morning, let me know and I’ll check again. You should receive a couple of emails within an hour of signing up.

  1. says

    What a great idea! We do a postcard exchange but small boy is still pretty much only writing his name; this will be a great way for him to participate even more. And he loves to get mail.

    Would you be interested in classes participating? Small boy has just started kindergarten and he goes to afternoon daycare; I could pass it on to the teachers if it’s a good fit. Dunno if they’d have time for it or not.

  2. Sonya Palumbo says

    This is such an exciting idea. I have a 4 year old grand-niece, & a 19 month old grand- nephew who will be participating. We love to do art in any form. This week about 12 cousins are getting together for a painting day. I’ll spread the word to them. ~Sonya

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