Shamrock Window Craft for St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day
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We made these shamrock suncatchers to hang in the window! So pretty and an easy toddler craft for St. Patrick’s Day.

Easy shamrocks for toddlers to make to hang in the window

Here’s how Henry and I made our shamrock craft for St. Patrick’s Day,

I laid out a piece of contact paper, sticky side up. Henry added gold glitter. And more glitter.

(We may have had a glitter mishap that went something like this: “Mom, it isn’t coming out fast enough!” Then he turned the top to the big opening and just poured. We ended up starting over…)

Shamrock Window Craft for St Patrick's Day

Add lots of green. That’s easy enough, its Henry’s favorite color!

Rip of lots of green tissue paper and arrange on the contact paper. We also added crinkle green grass paper (affiliate link).

Oh, and add more glitter in for good measure.

Toddler craft for St Patrick's Day

When your collage is finished, cover it with another piece of contact paper and smash together as flat as possible.

Hold up in the light! Pretty!

Toddler craft for St Patrick's Day

I, then, cut out shamrocks. The plan was to cut out lots of little ones and decorate our tree, but it turns out that contact paper isn’t too easy to cut.

(I’m not sure if we covered the contact paper too much, or if my contact paper is just the cheap kind. But the edges had a hard time staying stuck, so I had to scotch tape them together in spots.)

Shamrock Window Craft for St Patrick's Day

So, I quickly changed it to window decor for St. Patrick’s Day! All the better, light shines through it this way!

(I have previously banned glitter in this house, due to cleanup: I have found a couple good solutions: play dough and lint rollers)

After our glitter mishap, I wasn’t ready to start another project with play dough and I didn’t have any lint rollers. But, I did have something sticky: the contact paper! I folded it sticky side out onto itself
and folded down one end and made a mitten!

How to Clean up Glitter

Henry enjoyed the cleanup! (It worked great for the table cleanup – the floor cleanup was another story.)

If you haven’t noticed yet – from the 11 Preschool Clean Ups… I always try to involve Henry in the cleanup after a project. To me, that just makes sense.

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  1. Lynley says

    Cute Idea! I did this with my 2 year old daughter today and she loved it! Once we were done I put the sheet on a towel, put newsprint over it and ironed it on medium. That seemed to “seal” it and it was very easy to cut and my edges stayed together.
    Thanks for the fun idea!

  2. Jennifer says

    Lovely project! I’m a toddler teacher and clear contact paper is the best. I noticed that you had problems cutting the contact paper and having it come undone. I have learned that using one big piece and folding it over works better for cutting then placing another piece on top. I really really love this idea!

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