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  1. lauren knott (@LaurKnotter) says

    I’m dealing with this same issue right now! We just moved into a new builder beige house and my 4 year old and two year old are sharing a room. I haven’t done anything to it yet but need to figure it out soon. I’m thinking some shades of grey? (The non dirty kind…)

  2. Elizabeth says

    If you want it to last through the years, I might go with a navy blue and tan scheme. Maybe too mature for a young boy, though? Honestly, I liked your whoops decor! But then I like bright colors!

  3. Patricia Creasy says

    I would choose a light blue with a dark blue trim. Then add a beige for a bookshelf. I just go with the colors I feel good with. I do all of our painting.

  4. darla says

    What colors would you choose for a boy can grow up in? I would have them help select but probably a green.

    How do you find color inspiration for your home projects? Everywhere. Nature mostly.

  5. says

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