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 I am so excited to have my first guest blogger on hands on : as we grow to be Rachel from QuirkyMomma.

She’s a mom of 4, looking to adopt another, and has lots fun learning activities for kids.

Rachel is full of all sorts of ideas for every child.
Not just the boys. Not just the girls.
Not for just the active, or just the crafty type.
She’s got it all.

I absolutely love this large scale art project she did with her kiddos that she found from the book,
Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes (affiliate link)
I am definitely gonna look into getting that book!

Here’s QuirkyMomma, Rachel :

Do your kids enjoy making a mess?
I know that mine do!

One of the entries (from Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakesv- affiliate link) suggested that we make a mess by rolling and smearing.  This reminded me of the activity I read about on Let the Children Play a few months ago.  He had the kids experience physics and gravity by rolling marbles on a canvas.  We don’t have marbles, but we did have a giant canvas and a variety of different types of balls!  This was a blast!

All you need is Canvas, Acrylic paint, an old box to make a tray to set your canvas in, a variety of balls (or marbles) and paint shirts – this was messy, no kid can resist squeezing or smooshing the paint.

Learning opportunities:

Race between two similar balls.  Dip one in plain paint and dip the other in paint mixed with either flour or cornstarch. Guess which ball would roll faster.  Why did you make that guess?
Does a ball roll faster if the canvas is tilted slightly or at a steep slant?
What happens when a ball dipped in red paint rolls over a ball path of yellow or blue paint?  What happens when all the colors smear together?

Which ball spreads the most paint?  Which one spreads the least?  We found that the tennis ball had the most coverage, while the dryer ball just left speckles.

Check out Rachel’s full original post : Preschoolers Painting with Balls at QuirkyMomma.

On a side note:
Recently, Rachel and I (along with Anna from The Imagination Tree) brainstormed up the idea of:
It’s Playtime!
A fun place for us to join together and share our playtime experiences.  It’s our online playdate, so to speak.

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