Learning with Blocks: Shapes & Colors

Math & 123s

I went back to the basics for George to learn shapes and colors with a block activity since he’s been all about the blocks lately.

A very fast setup (excuse the scribbles on the paper!). While the boys were busy scribbling, I traced a few blocks in different shapes onto a large piece of butcher paper.

Learning with Blocks: Shapes & Colors

Basic Matching to Learn Shapes and Colors:

I traced them in the same color as the blocks too, just to add another element of learning.

I set out the blocks (affiliate link) with the traced outlines for George to match up.

Shapes & Colors

As he matched up each block to the shape. I simply repeated what he was doing. Calling out the shape of the block, as well as the color.

George was better with matching up shapes then he was colors. But once he realized there were differences in the colors too, he soon grasped that as well.

Advanced Block Matching Activity:

Henry ended up getting pretty creative with our block to shape matching setup.

Learning with Blocks

He not only matched the blocks to the correct shapes and colors, but he took it a step further and connected them all in a large structure.

Henry completely challenged himself with this task. I had absolutely nothing to do with it. And he was very determined to make it happen.

I didn’t plan for this at all, so some of my tracings of the blocks were too far apart to be able to reach to another within the span of one block. Henry did have to improvise to get it to work then and had to add supports.

This is a big deal for him at the moment. Adding supports is something he’s starting to understand with making block structures and that it can’t always just be one tall tower, or be top heavy. It needs supports underneath to make it stable and not fall down. I cannot tell you how helpful this is that he’s learning this. Its making block building much more fun to do with him! And I love how much its making him think about how he’s building his structures.

Learning with Blocks

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