KoolAid Paint with Fun Cleanup

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Some crafts don’t turn out exactly how you plan…

(isn’t that the cardinal rule of crafting with toddlers and preschoolers?)
but the process of doing it is still just as fun and educational.
Henry painted with ice cubes and KoolAid. He sprinkled a couple packages of KoolAid on paper in a tupperware.
Added some ice cubes and shook it around.
(FYI: ahead of time set the ice cubes out earlier so they are already slimy)
The ice cubes didn’t melt fast enough, so I eventually gave him a syringe of water. He had lots of fun with the syringe. Learning to aim where the water went was most of the battle.
(What happens to the colored powder when it gets wet?)
The end product wasn’t too pretty. Just a mess of dark red. Looked a lot like blood, in fact. Henry would have been caught red-handed too!
Since his hands were stained with KoolAid and I have a toddler neat-freak who freaks out if he can’t get his hands clean, I found a very fun way to clean up!
Inspired by Chalk In My Pocket’s puffy paint, but without the time :
I put some dish soap (I have Ivory, its clear) in some small baby jars and added a couple drops of food coloring in each jar. I handed them to Henry in the bathroom. I told him to stir them up, he skipped that step and he dumped them out in the shower. He made some pretty neat designs before he eventually dove in with his hands and smeared it all over.
(What happens when the red soap covers the blue soap?)
Henry then rinsed his hands off in the sink. Super Duper Clean!
(so was my shower floor)

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  1. RedTedArt says

    This really looks fun and fabulous! Love crafts that involve the younger children and let them have fun!!

    Thank ou so much for stopping by at Kids Get Crafty and sharing it with us!!


  2. tawna6988 says

  3. Erin Wallace says

    I think this is a cool project and might just have to try it. My boy told me the other day "I love colors, Mommy!"

    I am your newest follower via Midweek Mingle. I hope to see you at my blog Dropped Stitches.

  4. NaDyne says

    Jamie – have you ever tried Spin Art with a salad spinner? Cut a paper plate to fit in the bottom of a plastic salad spinner (get a cheap one because you won't want to use it for lettuce!) Add a couples squirts/drops of poster paint or diluted finger paint. Drop in a golf ball or 2-4 marbles or ping pong balls – you'll have to experiment to see which works better. Put the top on and spin away!!

  5. Katherine says

    What a cutie! I love that you put his age on activities, because I always find myself wondering if my 23 month old could handle/enjoy certain projects. Thanks for writing such a fun blog full of great ideas!!

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