Valentine Craft for Kids: Strings of Hearts Chandelier

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A learning Valentine craft for kids to this Valentine’s Day! String up some pretty (and easy!) hearts to your dining room chandelier and it’ll set the mood with every meal.

Valentine Craft for Kids: Strings of Hearts Chandelier

I cannot tell you all the levels of learning that Henry worked on when making this chandelier of hearts.

  • Counting
  • Patterning
  • Cutting
  • Threading
  • Sequencing

Just to name the obvious ones!

Valentine Craft for Kids: Strings of Hearts Chandelier

I took a two pieces of 12×12 scrapbook paper (in Valentine’s day colors). I used a ruler and drew approximately 1 inch strips on the back (I just used the width of the ruler to make it easy).

Henry cut the strips from one paper, while I cut out the other. His were a little jagged, but that’s what makes it great! He did well following the line, and even went back to ‘touch it up’.

Valentine Craft for Kids: Strings of Hearts Chandelier

To make the paper hearts:

  • Fold the 1 inch strip of paper in half (right sides out).
  • Bring the end together (right sides together).
  • Staple the ends together!
  • Punch a hole at the top and bottom of the heart.
  • Thread some yarn of a corresponding color through the holes.

That’s it! Repeat it until you get all your hearts made.

Valentine Craft for Kids: Strings of Hearts Chandelier

Henry did all the steps at least a couple times himself. The hole punch was a little tough for him to squeeze, so he needed a little help with that. And I, of course, did the stapling.

Next, thread the yarn through the holes. We started at the top of the hearts and went to the bottom.
When we threaded on enough hearts, I tied it off around the bottom of the heart. I then cut off the yarn and tied it to my chandelier.

Valentine Craft for Kids: Strings of Hearts Chandelier

Henry did 100% of the threading.

Henry did 100% of the counting of hearts.

Henry even did sequencing. He started with the string of five hearts. Next was 4 hearts. And so on. He figured out how many should be on the next string.

We did a string of 5 hearts, 4 hearts, 3, 2 and 1 heart.

valentine's day craft for kids, strings of hearts

Henry also did 100% of the patterning. Red heart, ‘snowflake’ heart, red heart, etc.

I can’t believe what a different a year makes.

Last year for Valentine’s Day, I tried a patterning activity, just to see if Henry knew about patterns. He wasn’t there yet. But this year, he did it completely on his own. I’m so proud of how much he’s been learning!

kids craft for Valentine's day

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  1. Renee says

    I loved this idea so much that I made a long garland of hearts using red, pink, and white construction paper. I strung them up on a string with beads in between. I have hung it above my sliding door to the backyard, but the way I punched the holes most of the hearts sit upside down. Back to the drawing board I guess. I plan on doing some more experimenting, including making a string for the chandelier over my dining room table.

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