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After a round of cookie cutter painting, George was still going strong and was in the mood to paint, so we moved onto sponge art for Valentine’s Day!

So simple to do too! Sponge art is versatile [literally any shape can be made) and its a fun sensory activity that results in a pretty piece of art!

Let’s create sponge art for Valentine’s Day with a heart shape!

Kids Sponge Art for Valentine's Day

I took a basic kitchen sponge and cut a heart out of it. I just free handed it, but you could fold it in half to cut out the heart, or draw on the shape that you’d like with a marker.

It would be fun to do this heart art with multiple sponges and do them in different sizes. I wish I had bigger sponges to get a better variety of shapes. One sponge cut out was enough for us this time though.

This time George wanted to paint on red paper, so we used that and pink paint. Though white paint would have shown up better. [We had a fix for that!)

Its not just a piece of art, painting with a sponge is great for a sensory activity too! George was all over this, squishing it between his fingers and smashing it onto the paper. Paint was oozing out.

Sponge Art for Valentine's Day

The pink paint didn’t show up well on the red paper, so I thought we needed some glitter to liven it up a bit.

A little glitter would have sufficed, but George liked a lot. He added tons of glitter in every color. Red, pink, purple, silver. Its pretty shiny and sparkly now, that’s for sure!

Kids Sponge Art

George begged for yet another painting activity to do after this one! So we have yet a couple more heart painting activities to come for Valentine’s Day!

He’s my little painter. Maybe an artist in his future?

We’ve done plenty of heart projects!

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