It’s Playtime! : Move That Body!

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Science@Home had a great post linked up to last week’s It’s PlaytimeBody Games!
These games are played with just your body! They all really encourage play in children of all ages!

We are very active in this house and do many of these games on a regular basis:

  • Running!
  • Wrestling!
  • Tickling!

Some games that I’m most excited to try:

  • Rolling downhills!
  • Leap Frog!
  • Clapping games!

(I’m may have to brush up on some of these first!)

What do you do to get your kids moving?

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I'm Ready


  1. Nicole {tired, need sleep} says

    I can't wait until our weather warms up enough here to do more of those total body things like rolling down hills! Thanks for having this link-up – this is the first I've heard of it, and am so happy to join in the fun! :)

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