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Its that time of year.

When we all duck our heads and hibernate for a couple of months.

Granted, we try to get outside as much as we can.
But most days its not for long, if at all.

What indoor activities can we do on these cold days coming up?
(Really, its been pretty nice here lately, I can’t believe its in the 40s in January in Iowa…)

(Make Do & Friend: Playing in the Dark)

A flashlight does wonders!

Make, Do & Friend Found a way to calm a fear of the dark! Play in it! Take a flashlight and find lots of things shiny and see how it reflects! My kids loving playing with their flashlights, adding shiny objects would definitely be a hit!

Above, from left to right:

  • De tout et de rien shows learning in a spot I never thought of , and we all probably all have one. Adding beads to a baby bottle drying rack! There’s so much learning that could be done… it could go on and on, and plus keep the kids’ hands busy, busy, busy!
  • Play with plastic! Drawing on and cutting plastic, a definitely time-waster for the kids, I’m sure! Happy Little Messes has more in store for these plastic creations on a light machine!
  • Another dark post, but this time with the aide of a black light! The Mommies Made Me Do It when on a glow hunt in the dark! Shut off the lights!
  • Play dough is a go-to activity, especially when we’re stuck indoors. Here’s some yummy chocolatey play dough! Make birthday cupcakes from play dough and add pasta for candles! A sweet idea from What’s Fun Today?

High Five to these play friends!

(Go leave them a playful comment!)

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