It’s Playtime! : Feet & Hand Prints

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Last week on It’s Playtime, I noticed a lot of hand and foot action you guys have been having!

But before we get into our playdate, I wanted to share that I found out earlier this week that hands on : as we grow has been nominated as the ‘Best Craft for Kids Blog’ on!(!!!!!) If you agree that you find lots of valuable kids crafts and art (and activities!) here, head on over to and put in your vote for this blog (and others too, there are many FANTASTIC kids blogs listed!).

(You do have to register to vote, but its a pretty quick process.)

Onto the playdate.
Your hand and foot prints left their mark:

My favorite footprint that was made has to be this big art from Toddler Approved: Shoe Print Painting!

Some more of your marks that were left on last week’s It’s Playtime:

Above, from left to right:

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