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Henry and I have been gathering leaves and other nature items on our walks each day. In hopes to make or do something exciting with them. Not really sure what yet. But we’re collecting them in the meantime.

Autumn is in full swing here in Iowa and so is It’s Playtime!
Your autumn posts are so exciting to see. There are so many variations of ideas for all kinds offall activities and crafts.

Here are a few that I found last week that are all about the leaves.

autumn leaf prints

Leaf print animals at Mermaids Creations (Boooooooo!)

Making prints with leaves found in nature is a neat art activity in itself. Collecting the leaves as well as painting is a blast for most kids. But Mermaids Creations takes it a step further! Check out these cool hedgehogs she made with the leaf prints!

autumn leaf activities and crafts
Above, from left to right:

  • Create a fall leaf mosaic with dried beans and lentils — by Little Wonders’ Days
  • A contact paper nature leaf collage, found at at Gratefully Growing in Grace, is an simple way to display yournature collections!
  • Making a leaf nature bracelet is as easy as some duct tape and leaves! A creative idea for a nature walk from Adventures at Home.
  • Science Sparks makes leaves of chocolate, y-u-m!

High Five to these play friends!

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