It’s Playtime! Activities for My Toddler

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This year is the year for George.
Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

He’s 16 months right now.
So he still can’t do a lot of the activities that Henry and I get into.

We have a lot of time to ourselves, just the two of us.
Some nice Mommy and Me time.

But we rarely set out to do something.
We just play.

I want to start getting him involved.
Be hands on with him.

I found a few activities from last week’s It’s Playtime to get me started.
(I also have a few bookmarked on my Toddler Activities Board on Pinterest for more inspiration.)

(Dirt and Boogers: Jars and Small Objects)

This is a no brainer!
I thought DUH! When I saw this post from Dirt and Boogers!
George had a hay day with our baby food jars just screwing the lids on and off!
The fun pom poms and marbles would add a great twist to that!
(He loves his pom poms!)

(Above, from left to right:)

  • What toddler doesn’t constantly get in the bathroom and unroll the toilet paper? Play Create Explore makes it a fun afternoon with a roll of toilet paper.
  • George would get a kick out of watching anything roll through a tube! Big D and Me made it huge though! Take a look at their fun with tubes!
  • Enjoying the Journey made a very simple edible finger paint with sweetened condensed milk and food coloring! Easy Peasy! And no worries of George putting it in his mouth!
  • A little bit more fine motor practice from Creative with Kids… insert the toothpick fine motor activity! (I knew you didn’t get enough of them yesterday with the 30 fine motor activities!)

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