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Talk about bringing in some imagination to our days!
We received these awesome, very high quality felts from Betty Lukens Felts a couple weeks ago.

The Carville mat will not be left alone!
I once had to actually put it up out of sight so I could get the kids to listen to me!

Henry has used it for everything imaginable.
Cars, trucks, the ambulance, fire trucks, motorcycles, backhoes, semis, tractors, cement trucks….
There’s everything to do on this car mat!

imaginary play with felt boards

There’s a construction scene, a dirt trail in the mountains, a city with a fire station, hospital, library, toy shop, playground… (Is there anything else you can think of? It’s probably on there!)

If that’s not enough, we set it up on our play table and added our barn set (yes, there’s even a farm on the mat!), school and parking ramp (even though the mat has each of these as well).

Hours upon hours has been played with this mat.

imaginary play with felt boards

I love the imagination that Henry has during it, and its all completely on his own.
Nothing is parent-led.

Then we went on to the Fun on the Farm felt board set we received from Betty Lukens.

A sturdy felt board background that comes with everything farm related that you can imagine.
A barn, pond, tractor, farm girls and boys, animals and so on.

Henry told a story of how the calf was eating from the stack of hay and the ducks were in the pond swimming.

The farm girls and boys were all stacked on top of each other, so I asked what they were doing.
Henry informed me that they were all going into the barn together!

imaginary play with felt boards

Henry thoroughly enjoyed the The Little Engine train set that we received too.

I wasn’t sure about this one, because it wasn’t precut (the animals and train were all on printed on a large piece of white felt that I had to cut around) and there wasn’t a felt board background that came with it.

We ended up just using our rug as the background which gave us a lot of room to move around during our imaginary play.

I wasn’t sure what to do with it exactly, until I saw there was a story of The Little Engine That Could that came along with the set.

It was so helpful to get our imaginations flowing.
Henry excitedly added the animals to each train car, filling it up to head to their new park.

imaginary play with felt boards

Since Blue Dog is an animal too, he couldn’t miss out on the train ride to the park either!

imaginary play with felt boards

Oh how I love their imaginations.

We definitely need to do more imaginary play around here.

What are your suggestions for felt boards?

We also received the Days of the Dinosaur Felt Board and the Colors, Shapes & Numbers Felt Board that I can’t wait to see what learning and imaginary play comes from them!

I also picked a few of my favorite products from the Betty Lukens website and shared them with you earlier, take a look and let me know what your favorite is!


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  1. Anna @ The Imagination Tree says

    Oooo I LOVE Bettty Lukens felt sets! I didn't know about the other ones you could get so v excited to see those linked up! I have the whole Bible through felt series and use it with the girls at home and my sunday school class too (ages 3-5) They all LOVE it!

  2. Messy Kids says

    What beautiful felt boards! And the prices are very reasonable. I'm eyeing that dinosaur board for Michael for Christmas! I also like the ABC board with the pictures and words that match. Oh and the car mat too! So many good boards it's hard to decide! I'll definitely be buying something soon!

  3. happyhooligans says

    Neat that you've posted this now. Just last night, I pinned up a large piece of felt that I picked up at a thrift shop. Actually, it's one of those jigsaw puzzle roll up mat thingys! I saw it, and thought it would be a great felt board. I just thumbtacked it to the wall because it's quite large. I picked up some coloured felt yesterday, and I'll make our own pieces.

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