Homemade Santa Hat Christmas Card

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While I may be (painstakingly) addressing our family Christmas cards to family and friends… I took a break and Henry and I decorated a quick and simple, Santa hat Christmas card.

Make a quick and easy Santa hat Christmas card

More craftiness comes from those Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouch caps! Check out the craft stick Christmas tree ornament we made with them, as well as the Christmas tree painting we made.

I’m partnering with Ella’s Kitchen this month to create fun holiday crafts, that are simple, quick and fun to give to your family, all while creating memories with your kids. It’s all good in every sense, which is what Ella’s Kitchen is all about, being good in every sense. They’re good tasting, good for their tummies, good for all five senses, plus good for the earth.

We’re trying to add to all that tasty goodness by using their products in more ways to get the absolute most out of it after Louis has slurped them down.

I cut a 12×12 piece of bright green scrapbook paper in half and then folded the two pieces which makes a square 6×6 card.

On the front of the card, we made a simple santa hat.

Santa hat Christmas card setup

I cut a red triangle from red scrapbook paper.

I did this ahead of time, but should have left it for Henry to do.

I was intending to do this craft with George, but his belly hurt, so he laid on the couch. Hopefully he’ll be feeling better soon!

Gluing on the Santa Hat for a Christmas card

Henry glued the red triangle to the front of the card.

(Ahem, maybe take a look at what way your card opens when you glue the triangle on… maybe, just maybe, I’m speaking from experience.)

Glue on the santa hat

I poured some glue into a small dish and using the Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouch caps, we stamped a line of curly, fuzzy, poofy, white puff along the bottom of the triangle, to make Santa’s hat.

We finished off the top of the hat with a big glue puff, using the caps, too!

Make poof for a Santa hat Christmas Card

With the glue in place, Henry shook a little salt all over.

And maybe, it got poured into a pile too…

If that happens, just pick up the card and shake it around to cover the remaining empty spots of glue. No biggy!

White sprinkles (salt) for a Santa hat Christmas card

And finish it off with some white glitter to make it all sparkly! So pretty!

Sparkly Santa hat Christmas card

Quick tip: If you find strays of glue and salt, just simple rub them off with your finger. Henry did that to clean it up.

That’s it. I told you it was a quick and simple Santa hat Christmas card for the kids to make!

Make a Santa Hat Christmas card with the kids

George came and made his Christmas card a little bit later after he saw ours… his may have turned out more like a rocket ship than a Santa hat.

Merry Christmas, its out-of-this-world-fantastic!

Some of the 25 Christmas crafts for kids are Santa crafts too. My fave Santa craft I found is a Santa Handprint Craft on Right Start Blog by Someday I’ll Learn,

Plus, I have a Pinterest board to showcase some fun holiday crafts that are easy to make with the kids, plus fun to give to family.

Find out more about Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food flavors and how its good in every sense:

Disclosure: I am happily a brand ambassador for Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food!

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  1. Kim says

    I see you are always looking for ways to use the Ella’s baby food pouches in crafts. Are they a similar material to those soft side juice pouches? We have cut a slip in the bottom of the juice pouches to clean them and then use them for crafts. You can punch holes in the sides of two of the pouches with a hole punch and lace the pouches together to make a coin pocket (see http://spoonful.com/crafts/pocket-pouch). You could also use clear packing tape to join the sides of the pouches to make things like a pencil holder (four pouches for the sides and a half a pouch for the bottom to make a tall holder). I will have to check the pouches out myself to see if they are similar.

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