Henry’s First Egg Decorating

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This is Henry’s first year of actually trying to do some egg decorating.

We tried some new (to me) techniques this year. I got inspired by the 26 Ideas and Techniques for Egg Decorating list that I put together earlier this week.

Henry, my mom and I tried 4 techniques.

Vibrant Egg Dye

Aren’t these eggs vibrant?

We created our own egg dye this year and used  My World – Made By Hand’s Vibrant Egg Dye Recipe.

I used liquid food coloring gels instead of the Wilton food coloring. (I have them readily available at the bakery.)

Crayon Resist

When the eggs first came out of the boiling water, Henry started drawing on them with crayons. (Inspired by both Red Ted Art and Salsa in China.)

I chose to use Crayola crayons because I’ve heard that they work the best. The crayons melted so nicely – it was like writing with marker.

After drawing on them and letting them dry and cool, I tried dipping some in the egg dye.

(Henry really wanted to keep most of his white.)

The way the dye resisted the crayon wax amazed me. It wouldn’t go near the wax, not even close.

Which left for some pretty neat patterns!

Marbled Eggs

Since Mom’s Crafty Space’s marbled eggs used acrylic paint and wooden eggs, we just used our food coloring gels to get the marble effect.

We placed a couple drops of food coloring in coordinating colors on a paper plate.

Placed an egg on it and slid it around the table, tipping it slightly to cover it as much as possible.

(Henry picked it up and shook it many times!)

After these dried a little (though the straight food coloring gel takes forever to dry), we dipped some quickly in the Vibrant Egg Dye to cover it completely.

Drip Dot Eggs

We also tried the drip eggs found at Crafts by Amanda.

These were my favorite.

Drip a few drops of food coloring onto the top of the egg.

(I propped it up in a mini muffin tin.)

Spritz a couple times with water.

Let the color drip and run around the egg!

The Marbled Eggs and the Drip Dot Eggs took forever to dry.

The collection of eggs:

And, of course, we forgot to put newspaper down before starting.

I really think Henry enjoyed scrubbing the table afterwards more than he liked decorating the eggs.

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  1. Raising a Happy Child says

    All these ideas are great, and the eggs look amazing. It makes me think why we keep egg decorations to Easter. Perhaps we should do it more often and try all these different ways!

  2. Katherine Collmer says

    Jamie, These egg crafts are simply darling:) I have to admit, though, if you hadn’t added actual pics of Henry creating them, I would have thought they were too difficult to embark upon! Thanks for showing me the way! I will share!

    • Jamie Reimer says

      Hey Katherine – I’m so glad the photos of Henry convinced you that they’re doable! My kids do every activity we share here – I want to make sure they aren’t too difficult to embark upon before sharing — because I feel that way too when I find so many fun ideas!

  3. Annette says

    Love those ideas. I remember doing marbled eggs growing up and still do them today with my kids. My mother would always prepare the dye by adding food coloring and vinegar and we would dye some the traditional way and then she would add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the water and we would spin our eggs into the water. Voila, marbled eggs :) the oil would stick to some of the shell and not allow the dye to color it. We would wipe them off with paper towels and put them in another color too…they always turned out so nice. They didn’t take any longer to dry than the traditional dyed eggs.

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