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A heart garland wasn’t in the plan when we started cutting out hearts. George just wanted to do an activity, and cutting out hearts sounded like a good idea since Valentine’s Day is coming up (already!).

And, oh my gosh, who knew that this kid could cut so well!

I really didn’t know what to plan on when we started… I kind of thought it would be an activity that he’d start, but Henry would end up finishing by doing 90% of the cutting.

Cutting hearts for the heart garland

I just cannot believe the fine motor skills George has!

I had a bunch of scrap pieces of paper that I’ve been slowly getting rid of. I used a bunch of scraps in red, purple, pink and a light blue.

I just folded them in half (whether they’re square or not) and drew the half of a heart on it. (George did try drawing his own half a heart, and that just didn’t work. I tried a little dot to dot for him to make it, and it still didn’t go well. Just as well, he loved the cutting part.)

George then cut along the line, perfectly. I was so impressed with how well he concentrated and took his time doing it over and over. He did so many of them!

(Note: For those of you wondering, George is 3 years and a few months. He started using a scissors at a pretty young age, I don’t think he was even two yet. And I love the Fiskars scissors. I always swore by the sharp point tip (affiliate link) for Henry, but George hasn’t had any trouble with the blunt tip (affiliate link).)

I loved his reaction every time he opened it up to see he made a heart!

A heart!

Henry joined us finally too and cut out a few hearts as well.

Cutting lots and lots of hearts for the heart garland

Finally, they were tired of cutting and I was running low on scraps, so we came up with the idea to make a heart garland with them all to hang in the window.

I got out some red yarn for them to measure and to cut it the width of my dining room table.

They took turns holding the yarn for the other to unroll and cut it.

Measuring and cutting the string for the heart garland

Henry did most of the assembling while George was napping, but George joined up in the end to do some too.

Henry taped the hearts onto the yarn. He got the pieces of Scotch tape himself and figured out where he wanted each one.

Making a garland of hearts

We laid out the yarn across the table and slid the heart underneath it and taped it in place.

Make a heart garland for the window

And then I hung it up in our front window to enjoy for the season.

Once Louis woke up though, we realized a heart garland was too long (their measuring wasn’t exactly accurate, they’re all sorts of lengths!), and he could grab them and yank them down. So I cut it in half, which just made it that much prettier!

Make a heart garland for a Valentine's Day window!

Oh, by the way, we saved all the scraps from cutting out the hearts to do another project that I’ll be sharing soon!

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