15 Recycling Activities for Kids That Are Completely FREE

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I often share activities that could be considered as recycling activities for kids to do, using recyclables once more before they’re really recycled.

However, often times, they require something that you still have to get or have on hand that’s not recycled. Such as markers, paint, and other craft items that you may not have on hand.

I am partnering with Clorox Greenworks to bring you simple recycling ideas as ways to encourage kids to be green. Being green doesn’t mean spending more money, or even more time than you normally do.

I’ve put together a quick list of some easy recycled activities that are just that, recycled activities and nothing more. They don’t cost a penny other than what you’re already throwing a way. No other supplies needed, besides a household scissors.

So hold on to those recycling materials!

15 recycling activities for kids to do - that are completely free!

15 free recycling activities for kids to do:


  1. Turn cereal boxes into puzzles for the kids to put together.
  2. Use recycled water bottles to blow bubbles! From Projects for Preschoolers.
  3. Reuse baby food jars as a fine motor toy, let them open and close them.
  4. Recycled cardboard tubes and cereals boxes to make a homemade building set. From Almost Unschoolers.
  5. Save the paper cups after a birthday party and build with them, knock them down and so much more. Find 10 games to play with cups from One Perfect Day.
  6. Make a sprinkling can from a recycled milk jug. From A Journey to a Dream
  7. Reuse any water or pop bottles as bowling pins. Bunch up a newspaper as the bowling ball!
  8. A simple sensory bin can be made with torn or shredded newspapers. From Play Create Explore
  9. Bottle caps can be recycled for lots of play! Sensory play in the bath would be fun, from Learning 4 Kids
  10. Turn a yogurt container into a bucket for sand play. From Creative with Kids
  11. Make bookmarks from recycled cereals boxes. Use a twistie tie instead of the ribbon. From Plum Pudding
  12. Cut out lots of letters from cereal boxes for lots of learning! From Play Talk Learn
  13. Grab a box and some newspaper and have the kids dumpster dive.
  14. Reuse newspapers as a basketball for a fun throwing game in the house.
  15. Use recyclables in activities and crafts in all shapes and forms. Be sure to hang onto these 34 recyclables to reuse in hands on activities with the kids!

Being green like this can be so easy and not take up any more time or money than you’re already spending. Just making the right choices when you do. When you do activities with the kids, think first about what’s in your recycling bin and try some of recycling activities.

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