FREE Printable Kids Activities Planner!

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I’ve created a free printable activities planner to share with my loyal hands on : as we grow readers! I also want to quickly update everyone on how you can follow hands on : as we grow since social media is ever changing as well as how I incorporate my blog into all the places to share!

A FREE Printable Kids Activities Planner for Email Subscribers

First of all, I have created a fun Weekly Kids Activities Planner for you to download if you’re an email subscriber! Its completely free to sign up for the emails, and the planner is also completely free for you to use week after week!

Sign up now to get the Free Kids Activities Planner!

FREE Printable Kids Activities Planner!

A couple new places to find me and socialize:


I’m on Google+ now a lot. I really enjoy it over there and find it easy to navigate, fun to explore and find new people and plus the chance to interact with readers! However, I find its missing a lot of readers over there and I’d really, really like to get the chance to really interact with you! If you don’t have a G+ account yet, its easy to get started. (If you have a google account of any sort, such as Gmail, guess what, you already have a G+ account too! Go explore!)


I recently checked out StumbleUpon again for the first time in ages! And holy cow, it got a makeover! Its not really a place where we can connect, but we can follow each other there (a lot like Pinterest… think Pinterest!) and see what each other are liking and saving for future reference! Plus its so fun to stumble and find new sites to explore!

The Usual Social Media Scene

And as usual, you can find me on Pinterest and Facebook. And I suppose I’ll say Twitter too.


You can always feel free to email me (handsonaswegrow(at) if you’re looking for ideas, or if you have an idea to share with me! I love it when you reach out with a question! (You can also contribute to the site too with a guest post.)

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Free Printable Kids Activities Planner

Ready for fun with your kids?

Plan the fun with the free kids activities planner! And receive activities every week!

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