Simple Edible Sensory Play with Frozen Veggies

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Unfortunately, I have picky eaters. And I’m not the best parent when it comes to introducing them to new, healthy foods, because, well, I’m a picky eater myself.

But, I figured a great way to introduce new foods, or foods that my kids would normally pass over, could be through some simple edible sensory play!

I found a quick one to do with a bag of frozen veggies from our freezer!

Just a quick note: Be sure to add frozen veggies that are pre-cooked so if your child eats them they’ll be soft. Also, keep an eye on the frozen chunks, they should be large enough that baby won’t choke and this should be done with supervision.

Simple edible sensory play with frozen veggies for babies and toddlers

I’m teaming up with Ella’s Kitchen to bring you sensory activities for kids to try at home in ways that will also help introduce them to food that’s good for them!

Ella’s believes that, just as adults do, babies eat with all of their senses – so it’s not just the texture or taste that’s important. That’s why they make sure all their yummy, 100% organic baby food appeals to all their senses, with bright, colorful, squeezy packs to grab and squish.

This sensory activity explores their sense of taste, but also touch as the veggies are still frozen.

I dumped a bag of frozen veggies into a tub. I also froze a few small cubes of Ella’s Vegetable Bake meal to add to it!

Edible sensory play with frozen veggies for babies and toddlers. So simple!

I set it out on the floor with a towel underneath.

Louis mostly explored with his hands and mouth (that was the intended goal), but I included a fork and spoon, along with bowls for him to scoop, pour, and mix with.

Sometimes he just preferred Ella’s baby food over the frozen veggies. That’s okay! Its still full of the veggies anyways.

Edible sensory play with frozen veggies for babies and toddlers with baby food too.

Food sensory bins are so simple and great mid-meal snack that’s healthy! Kids would be eating healthy while having fun, and that’s all I really want!

We have many more edible sensory play ideas coming over the next couple of months featuring Ella’s Kitchen products, but in the meantime be sure to checkout the collaborative Pinterest board with Ella’s Kitchen – Tiny Taste Bud Adventures!

Find out more about the Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food and how its good in every sense:

Disclosure: I’m excited to be brand ambassador for Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food!

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