Dinosaurs & Cars: Together!

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of VTechKids. All opinions are 100% mine.

The boys received these cool toys from VTech the other day. They couldn’t (and still can’t) put them down.

I’m so thrilled with this. Why? Because its something other than tractors for once! Yes, it’s still another ‘thing that goes‘… but it’s also a dinosaur! Something completely new to the boys! Not new, but not something they generally play with regularly.

Check these out! We got Horns the Triceratops and Sliver the T-Rex (affiliate links here and later in this post).

Henry immediately called green, of course. He had no idea what they even were yet. But it was green and that’s all that mattered.

They’re transformer cars! And they’re not dinky ones like from our childhood. They’re big, sturdy and plastic, they’re not gonna break!

Henry was just engrossed in it. Trying to figure out what it all does. I didn’t show him. I let him figure out what moved and where it went. It was a puzzle to him to figure out.

See that? Henry was actually much more interested in the blue one! The triceratops must be much more interesting to him.

George played with whatever Henry wasn’t. Figuring it out just as much as Henry was. Moving parts. Driving the car. And roaring like a dinosaur!

I loved seeing the boys in this new element for them. Henry found the buttons. The entire time they were playing, the buttons were going off, making car sounds when it was a car, and roaring when it was a dinosaur. It also shouts out dinosaur facts, but the buttons were pushed so fast, you never had time to hear them completely! (Now that they’re not so completely over the top excited, they have taken the time to listen to what they say. Learning about dinosaurs while they’re playing!)

Henry finally realized that the LCD screen on the front changed. When it was a dinosaur, there were eyes. And there was a button that can change the eyes! How cool! Henry thought so. (It does the same for a driver when it’s transformed to a car.)

Mid-transformation, Henry decided his ‘car’ was going to be an airplane for a while. Zooming it around. Another ‘out-of-element’ discovery for him. Love that!

With this new-found discovery for dinosaurs, I’ve been on the lookout for some dino activities for the boys to do!

10 Dinosaur Activities to do:

  1. Dinosaur small world play, The Imagination Tree
  2. Sing dinosaur songs, Carrots are Orange
  3. Go on a dinosaur excavation, Motherhood on a Dime
  4. Create dinosaur fossils, Our Crafts ~n~ Things
  5. Match dinosaur tracks, Mom Endeavors
  6. Measuring how big dinosaurs are, Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational
  7. Go on a dinosaur hunt, Make Do & Friend
  8. Make a dinosaur skeleton from pasta, Busy Bee Kids Crafts
  9. Paint a dinosaur T-shirt, Happy Whimsical Hearts
  10. Make dinosaurs in play dough, Happy Whimsical Hearts

We’re also breaking out an old favorite book, The Dinosaur (affiliate link), by Anna Milbourne. That’s about as far as we’ve ever gotten with dinosaurs before!

Do you have a dinosaur lover? Or a car lover?

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